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Gávea Rock Trail

The Gávea Rock is the largest rock close to the seashore in the world. Its name comes from the resemblance to the basket…

R$ 280 /Person

Hang Gliding

The hang gliding is a unique and thrilling experience! We take-off from the Rampa da Pedra Bonita, a place much appreciated by the…

R$ 650 R$ 550 /Person


Parasailing is certainly one of the most enjoyable activities you can find. Imagine how it would be like to be soaring over the…

R$ 380 R$ 330 /Person

Guanabara Bay Tour

Embark on a tour to see the city through a different perspective! We take a boat trip through the famous Guanabara Bay to…

R$ 190 /Person

Favela Tour

FAVELA TOUR is an indispensable experience for those who wish to see a different aspect of the Brazilian society. The favela is a…

R$ 180 /Person
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