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Rio Scenarium

The Rio Scenarium atmosphere resembles the XIX century with its old furniture that takes you in a journey through time. They offer the…

R$ 260 /Person

Ginga Tropical

Ginga Tropical is a show that presents different brazilian rhythms throughout the years, passing through the Festival de Parintins, Lambada, Carimbó, Xaxado, Forró,…

R$ 350 /Person

Boat Party By Night

Every friday, a double deck boat becomes a nightclub with a bar, DJ, music, lights and so much more! Cruising through the Guanabara…

R$ 170 /Person

Prainha and Grumari Beaches

Let’s visit two hidden treasures in Rio de Janeiro! The Prainha Beach and the Grumari Beach are located in an environmental reserved area….

R$ 210.00 /Person


The parasailing is a fun and laidback activity! The person is towed behind a boat while attached to a specially designed canopy wing…

R$ 380 /Person

Hang Gliding

The hang gliding is an unique and an emotional experience! We will jump from the Rampa da Pedra Bonita, a special spot with…

R$ 580 /Person

Arraial do Cabo

The crystal clear water in shades of blue and gree is waiting for you in the famous Brazilian Caribbean! We start the pickup…

R$ 190 /Person
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